It's all about YOU. Every time !

"If I were you, why would I work with me?"

If I were looking for representation, here are some of the characteristics I would be looking for in an agent:

Experience:  I have been selling real estate in this area for over 30 years!  It takes a long time to garner the skills, expertise, and professionalism necessary to navigate the paths to a successful transaction.  My methods are constructive, thorough, and proficient.  I will save you time and energy.

An engaged, active listener:  I'll take the time to get to know you.  Whether you are buying or selling, your hopes, dreams, & goals are important to me. 

This is a significant decision; one you won't do often.  I will guide you through it as if I had to live with the decision myself. I would consider it a personal failure to learn after the sale that you thought you'd made a mistake.

Consumer centric philosophy:  It's all about you!  I'll put your needs first and everything else second.  

Customized service for Sellers:  Since my method is consultative, I will customize my services to suit your needs.  My efforts will be focused on the appropriate marketing strategies to sell your home. 

Maybe you haven't decided if selling is the right thing right to do.  Consult with me, we'll brain storm.  Insightful questioning and dialogue will help you decide.  Maybe you'll decide to stay.  Maybe you'll sell.  Even if you don't make a move, perhaps you will have found sufficient value in my services to happily to refer me to someone who may also need consultation.   

Customized service for Buyers:  I will exhaust all available options to find you a home.  The way I shop is "no stone unturned".   I will not put you on a time table.  Since "It's all about you", we'll look until we find the right solution.   

Many of my clients have stayed in their homes 3 to 5 times longer than the national average.  Statistics from the National Association of Realtors say that people trade houses every 4-5 years.  Now, I admit, if you stay in your new home for 25 years, that won't be great for my turnover or repeat business.   But that's OK with me for two reasons:  1.  I get the satisfaction that together we did a really good job.   2. My past clients more than make up for it by giving my name to people they care about.

An intuitive approach:  Reading people is a skill developed over time.  Sometimes  I have to read between the lines; hear what is not said.  These skills help me discern your fears and concerns, and guide you in this process.  Maybe keep you from making a mistake.

This skill is also helpful when it comes time to negotiate.  The negotiating period is an emotionally charged event. You need someone calm, focused, and attentive to help get you what you want.  Sangfroid is a valuable negotiating skill.

Someone who wants to build a relationship:   Either as a buyer or seller, we'll spend a lot of time together.  Actively engaged in the process, we'll communicate frequently and with purpose.  This will go on for months -  maybe longer.  After you meet your goals and are settled in your new home, those frequent communications will stop.  Then, I will miss you.  But ... I'll know you are happy in your new place.   

Professional judgement:  I'll be your guide in this complex process.  You'll need someone who can help you analyze the options, filter the information, and add perspective to the possibilities.  I'll help you interpret and evaluate the wealth of information available.  All these things are necessary for you to make the best decision.

Enjoyable experience:  I am easy to get to know.  We should have fun.  Yes, we'll take this very seriously.  But you should enjoy the journey.

On your side:  You need someone who will act in your best interests.  My clients mean everything to me.   If you are happy in your home, I am happy with my work.  How else could I get up everyday and do it all over again after 30 years?

Willingness to educate:  I offer guidance - not just data.  As my buyer or seller client, you will become real estate savvy.  You will be ready to make an informed, intelligent decision.   My help is designed to empower you to achieve your dreams.

Recently, a client  said to me, "One thing we value about you, Sam, is that you always do what you say you are going to do." 

If you want to read what other clients have said, please go to my Testimonial tab. 

Contact me and we'll get down to work. 

Sam Armentrout


Your Maine Agent


Sam Armentrout
207 443-4336(Office)
207 443-4336(Business)
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207 443-4298(Fax)

1044 Washington Street
Bath, Maine, 04530
United States

Customized and dedicated services.  Always.

1044 Washington Street, Bath, Maine 04530

1 (207) 443-4336


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